We Have Successfully acquired Aberrant scopas ( Koi Tangs, tricolor tangs )

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Eye-catching Aberrant scopas tangs, also known as koi tangs and tricolor tangs are very unique form of the Zebrasoma scopas.

Aberrant scopas

Some specimens will revert to a mostly normal colored scopas appearance, while others may develop color that is even more extreme.

No one knows what to expect from these fish and their colors can continually change throughout their life. No one really knows why some scopas tangs can show a trio of colors, or have their normal color suffused with a bluish green, usually in an irregular pattern that behaves differently on the fins than on the body of these fish.

Aberrant scopas

Aberrant scopas

The fish was collected using a hand-net method.
Our Divers found these specimens from Southern Atolls of Maldives and Successfully Obtained 3 of them.

We looking for the right collector to purchase this 3 Specimens as soon as possible. apparently we haven’t decided the price of this so it can be negotiated.