African basslet ! Highly prized Rare African Basslet for sale

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African Basslet

African basslet ( Liopropoma africanum ) also known as African Swiss guard was first discovered and collected in maldives by Randall and Taylor 1988.

The colorful and reclusive reef basslets in the genus Liopropoma are a favorite of rare fish collectors. These pint-sized grouper relatives are a common inhabitant in coral reef ecosystems, but, owing to their retiring demeanor, they are not often observed in the wild.

This fish is Rarely ever seen in the trade, having light brownish body with several small white horizontal lines from the head to just short of the caudal peduncle. African Basslet Lives fairly deep on coral reefs invariably in the recesses of caves and crevices. this time two spicemen was collected and one is for sale for the highest bidder. please contact us for more information.