We import and  tranship freshwater fish to all domestic Airports and velana international airport  in Maldives . Below are the commonly Orderd fishes and prices. if you need any other freshwater fish other than below or need custom order please contact us .

koi carp (price for per box)
3 inch 5120mvr (160pcs)
4inch 6500mvr (100pcs)
5inch 7200mvr (80 pcs)
6inch 9000mvr (60pcs)
7inch 8800mvr (40pcs)
8inch 7800mvr (20pcs)
10inch 8320mvr (16pcs)
11inch 8040mvr (12pcs)
12inch 9240mvr (12pcs)
hifin koi carp (price for per box)
3inch 6720mvr (160pcs)
4inch 7000mvr (100pcs)
5inch 7600mvr (80pcs)
6inch 9300mvr (60pcs)
7inch 9600mvr (40pcs)
8inch 8200mvr (20pcs)
10inch 9000mvr (12 pcs)