Mitratus Butterflyfish ! Most Demanded fish from butterfly family

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The Mitratus Butterflyfish also known as the Indian Butterflyfish, is yellow with a bluish coloration on the dorsal fin. It has two black stripes that run diagonally and a bold stripe across the eye that is black above, and orange below.

They are found in Indian Ocean; East Africa, South Africa, throughout oceanic islands of Madagascar, Maldives , Chagos, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, to Andaman Sea and India, Christmas & Cocos-Keeling Islands at steep reef walls. They usually range between 98 – 230 feet (30 – 70 m) below the surface, but have also been found at depths of 590 feet (180 m). Due to its deep dwelling habitat, this fish was so rare.

The Mitratus Butterflyfish is said to be one of the reef safe fish as it does well in a coral-rich tank, but it may harm some species of hard corals and also will attack some shrimps and other moving invertebrates. It will do well in a fish only community tank that is well decorated with rocks/ corals and many hiding places.

Mitratus Butterflyfish will be a great fish to add your next order from us because of its demand and high retail price tag.   please contact us for more information and pricing.